Polyhymnia Remixed

Since working on La Saboteuse Remixed, I have had an ever-growing interest in electronic music and the way that it is created. My explorations have begun to influence the way that I compose, manipulating found sounds to create something fresh and perhaps unexpected. I love the endless possibilities that arise when blending technology with the instrumental music of my heritage.

My collaborators on this project, DJ Plead, Asmara and Surly, all of whom have shone a new light on my compositions, expanding on the themes of Polyhymnia, by expressing the important stories of the women it celebrates, told with a different perspective.

Sophie Bass has also ‘remixed’ the artwork from Polyhymnia, once again creating something absolutely stunning for you.

“My piece for the cover centres around the idea of the divine and powerful woman. The goddess figure is a culmination of all the women featured on the album, and of ALL women, holding each other up….I wanted to create an empowering image of glory, and a visual representation of overcoming one’s oppressors.” – Sophie Bass

Released November 6, 2020

All tracks composed by Yazz Ahmed Reimagined by DJ Plead (Ruby Bridges) Asmara (One Girl Among Many) Surly (Deeds Not Words) & Ahmed/Langley (Rosa, Barbara, Haifaa)

Artwork by Sophie Bass Art Direction by IXCHEL Mastered by Robin Morrison Barbara mixed by Tom Jenkins

Produced by Noel Langley & Yazz Ahmed

Yazz Ahmed – Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Kaoss Pad 

Alcyona Mick – Piano & Fender Rhodes 

Charlie Pyne – Bass 

Sophie Alloway – Drums 

Samuel Hällkvist – Electric Guitars 

Shirley Tetteh – Electric Guitar 

Helena Kay – Alto Saxophone 

Carol Jarvis – Trombone 

Tori Freestone – Tenor Saxophone 

Josie Simmons – Baritone Saxophone

Noel Langley – Trumpet  & Fender Rhodes 

Alex Ridout – Trumpet 

Ralph Wyld – Vibraphone & Glockenspiel 

Corrina Silvester – Percussion 

Gemma Moore – Baritone Saxophone 

Johanna Burnheart – Electric Violin 

George Crowley – Bass Clarinet 

Tom Jenkins – Keyboard Programming